Top restaurants at Asiatique that you cannot miss


Asiatique is not only a place for shopping, but also a place for dining. There are a lot of restaurants that serve delicious Thai dishes in this area. If you get a chance travelling there. don’t miss these restaurants.

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Baan Khanitha

If you arrive at Asiatique via the free shuttle from Saphan Taksin pier there is no way you can miss Baan Kanitha. The beautifully recreated duck-egg blue house is to the left as you step onto the boardwalk, and is a great place to enjoy a traditional Thai meal in style. With 20 years of experience serving Thai food in Bangkok, Baan Khanitha know their stuff, and serve a variety of favourites including chicken massaman curry, tiger prawn tom yum, spring rolls and fried fish cakes. On our last trip we really enjoyed the deep-fried sea bass with a red curry sauce and scallops in black pepper. With seating both inside and out, we usually pick a table on the first floor, where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the river and the twinkling lights of the boats passing by.
Dish in Baan Khanitha restaurant (via Nichology)

Kodang Talay

Another riverfront Thai favourite is Kodang Talay, which specialises in seafood. In keeping with Asqiatique’s warehouse feel the restaurant is large and has an industrial feel and a bit of an echo, so we prefer the tables that fringe the boardwalk and allow you to people watch. This is simple traditional food that is well executed. Dishes include breaded shrimp cakes, a large plate of clams pan fried with holy basil, and a decent phad thai with large prawns. There are also some traditional coconut-based desserts, which make a refreshing end to your meal. Ko Dang Talay is well set up for groups, and tends to get busy between 18:00 and 21:00.

9E Furniture Bar

There is something about 9E Furniture Bar that makes us feel it belongs in a cool indie neighbourhood rather than Asiatique. This small restaurant is down a side lane in warehouse 9 and has laidback atmosphere and some retro furnishings and designer armchairs to lounge in. A big pull here are the bargain-price cocktails, but the menu of fusion food is also great value, and tasty! We shared the lemon fried calamari, tom yam spaghetti and fried beef with oyster sauce, served on rice. Although the restaurant isn’t large there’s often a small band squeezed into the corner, so you get to enjoy some live music as you dine.
Dish in Kodang Talay restaurant (via satyawinnie)


It would be hard to miss this restaurant, as the black-and-white theme really sticks out. In fact, some might say they have taken the checker board theme a little too far with child-sized chess pieces lining the small outdoor terrace and staff wearing chequered outfits. With two bands playing every evening and some delicious fusion food it is easy to spend a couple of hours relaxing here. However, if you thought the theme would lead to an intellectual board game, never fear as the restaurant also has a neon-lit chess board and a glass set so you can pretend you are a master. As for the food, our favourites include the crispy pork and tomato salad and sea bass with a spicy northern Thai sauce along with fried rice.

Kacha kacha Japanese Teppanyaki and yakitori

Don’t be surprised when all the staff and cooks at this Japanese restaurant in Asiatique shout at you when you walk in; they are greeting you in the traditional manner, although it can be a little scary. The restaurant is decorated in warm wood, and there is an open kitchen and teppanyaki grill. You can either sit near the grill and get your food cooked in front of you with the occasional flame, or you can order yakitori (barbequed meat and vegetables on a stick) at your table. Although we really enjoyed the unusual vegetables and soya beans on a stick, they are only small, so we recommend ordering a selection with a grilled chicken set and some Japanese sticky rice.

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